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How and Why to Write a Good History of Your House

How and Why to Write a Good History of Your House
Wouldn’t you like to know who built your house, the names of all the owners throughout the years, their children, their occupation, when they planted that big tree in the backyard, why they put on that addition, what colors they painted the house, and why in God’s name did they ever paint that chestnut woodwork white!!!!! Life happens, and if …

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What kind of people would put shutters on a window like this?

Before & After Renderings

You may not like the rendition colors above but just know that light colors as in the before photo were never used on a house like this back then and shouldn't be used now.

The Downfall of the Gilded Age Mansions

The halcyon days of the Gilded Age home didn't last long. Read on.

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Tasteful Christmas Lighting

tacky christmas lighting
Christmas lighting can add to the joyful holiday festivities with houses decorated in all their splendor. Christmas lighting with brightly colored lights can make a beautiful house much more beautiful but it needs to be done right. We have all seen houses decorated with Christmas lights in such a way that make a nice house look like an absolute mess. …

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