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Decorative Concrete Block

decorative concrete block
Decorative concrete blocks were the rage in house building from about 1890's to the 1930's.  These decorative concrete blocks came in an assortment of styles and sizes. They could be purchased from a local building supplier but most likely made right on the construction site. A concrete block machine could be ordered from the Sears catalog for $42.50 in 1910. …

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The Boston Molasses Flood

99 years ago Boston was swept by a 40 foot tidal wave of molasses. Read on.

Reproduction Wallpaper Line from the 1930's

See Bradbury & Bradbury's new line of wallpaper here.

Before & After Renderings

New steps are planned and a porch skirt.
This house was a mess. Notice the house had cool green mixed with warm green. Tan was randomly placed without much thought. Thankfully the new homeowner cared about their house more.

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Introduction & History of Shutters

historic board and batten shutters
Exterior window shutters are taken for granted as an easy to install, quick fix to improve curb appeal. Unfortunately, few people understand the complexity of window shutters or the correct way of hanging shutters. What one thinks is a simple mistake will destroy a home's curb appeal. Don't let this happen to you! With historic wood shutters or plastic shutters, …

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