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Welcome to our December 2018 newsletter!

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. Nothing makes a holiday better than celebrating it in a vintage house like in a Hallmark movie.

Remember you can help save the character of other old homes by referring our website to friends, neighbors and your local historical society. Education is the best way to save history and to keep your neighborhood looking good! Follow us and do it right!

Hope you enjoy our stuff!
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Do you feel your guests do not understand why you go at such lengths to restore your house?

Frame and hang this excerpt by your front door. Click here to print.


How and Why to Write a Good History of Your House.

If you already did this, now is the time to update your information for this past year. If you haven't wrote a history of your house then now is the time to start. Read on here.


From Scott Sidler of The Craftsman Blog.

Before & After Renderings

Old House Restoration
The red mulch has to go.

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Books and novelties that make a statement for the old house owner.

Wishing you all a Very Merry New Year!

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