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Welcome to our May 2019 newsletter!

Our busy season is in full swing. Stay tuned for new blogs on roof colors, porch roofs, and roof flashing problems. I get a lot of questions about roof colors since there is such a large selection. I just need to get some time to write about them.

This month OHG has attained some milestones. We have received our 4000th email inquiry and our 800th project.

There will not be a newsletter for June but July will include both June and July.

Remember you can help save the character of other old homes by referring our website to friends, neighbors and your local historical society. Education is the best way to save history and to keep your neighborhood looking good! Follow us and do it right!

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Freeman's Funeral Home & Town Council Destroy Historic Building

Freeman’s Funeral Home in Freehold NJ, owns the property next door to them. On that property is the historic Christopher House. The Christopher House is a Greek Revival building that was built between 1830 and 1840 and the last of this type on Main Street. Although covered in plastic siding, the building was leased out to some local business’ and …
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greek revival christopher house freehold nj

10 Most Endangered Buildings in NJ

Each year Preservation NJ comes out with a list of the 10 most endangered buildings. Many times the attention drawn by this can help save the building. Every day we are losing great buildings to people wanting to redevelop properties. Read here to see the listing.

Nobody is Going to Tell Me What Color I Can Paint My House!

Old House Restoration
Do you agree with this? Would you like to live next door to this house? Do you think it's ok for people to ruin a beautiful building that can never be replaced? Read more here.

Historic Districts are in Trouble

Old House Restoration
Speak up regarding changes to the Natural Register. Don't let development take over our towns. Read here.

Before and After Renderings. Top photo is the before.

Old House Restoration
Old House Restoration
Top photo is the before picture, second is what the homeowner selected, and the others are just some random samples. This 1905 Arts & Crafts home would not look right with contemporary colors or plastic windows.

A Sad Story of America

Did you ever wonder what that busy intersection in your town looked like 50 years ago?  200 years ago?   What will it look like in the future? Artist Robert Crumb shows us how a beautiful countryside slowly fades away as population increases and consumerism stamps out the living nature. What have we done to our land?  Will we ever learn? …
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A Sad Story of America

Storm Doors Can Warp the Front Door

Did you know that a storm door may ruin the door behind it? I never ever recommend a storm door because it cheapens the look of a house and makes the house appear unwelcoming. There is nothing like a naked front door that is not hidden by a storm door. The extra money you spend in heating is worth the curb appeal.

Read here how your wood door can be ruined by your storm door.

Taking down the storm windows but Lucypooh wouldn't help me.


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White Replacement Windows and House Colors to Avoid

Do you have white replacement windows? An old house that has replacement windows is considered a damaged house to those of us in the historic preservation field. Maybe the evil previous homeowner committed this crime and you are left to deal with it. Don’t worry though, there are options to save the curb appeal of your house at least a …
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tacky white replacement window

Piscataway History in Danger. HPC Fails Preservation.

Save Piscataway history!  Homeowners and Historic Commissions Must Understand they are Stewards for Historic houses. Piscataway history is in danger by developers.  Therefore significantly important historic buildings, part of historic Raritan Landing, are in the Road Up Raritan Historic District. To protect Piscataway history, the historic buildings are overseen by the Piscataway Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). The John Onderdonk House …
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Piscataway History in Danger.  HPC Fails Preservation.

Wood Windows vs Replacement Windows

There is a big difference between the appearance of wood windows and vinyl windows. See the difference of how they look in this house and their effect on curb appeal.
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vinyl replacement windows

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