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Welcome to our October 2018 newsletter!

This month we would like to make you aware of the need for new storm windows. The new ones have low-e glass which provides the most insulation you can get. Interior storm windows are another option and allow your historic windows to be seen.

Storm windows for the first time will now be eligible for the Energy Star Rebate program starting in December.

Remember you can help save the character of other old homes by referring our website to friends, neighbors and your local historical society. Education is the best way to save history and to keep your neighborhood looking good! Follow us and do it right!

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Do you have Paint Color Schemes to share?

Old House Restoration
The photo above is a sample from my custom paint color chart. The colors you see were submitted by one of our readers. The body is a light almond color although it looks much lighter when posted here.

On my color charts I have about 250 samples and I'm looking to add new color schemes and hoping you may have some good colors to share. I'm looking for a scheme with at least two colors or more - NO WHITE. Historic or contemporary. Please provide manufacturer and color name. A photo would help. Doesn't have to be of the whole house just so I see the colors together. Please send to .

Edison's Concrete Houses

Old House Restoration
Old House Restoration
Thomas Edison is famous for investing many things. But he's not so well known for concrete, despite being obsessed with the stuff. Read on.
Old House Restoration
Learn more about new growth wood vs old growth wood in the article from The Craftsman Blog here.

Abatron Wood Filler

Wood and concrete repair products.

I have personally used the Abatron
wood filler many times.

No other product compares to them.

Read more.

DIY Storm Windows

Old House Restoration
From Scott Sidler's The Craftsman Blog - Read on.

The House With Nobody In It

Old House Restoration
Read about it here.

Before & After Renderings

victorian paint colors
Old Salem Gray
The rendering above has the same colors as my house.
coral and green

Just like the Addams Family House

Old House Restoration
See the video.

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interior storm windows
What are Interior Storm Windows and why would anyone want to use them? Windows are the most important character defining feature of a home. Why hide them behind a storm window? With interior storm windows your beautiful original windows can shine in all their glory and still get the benefits of insulation and noise reduction. Interior storm windows are meant …
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EStorm Windows

WWII propaganda save energy
Aluminum storm windows are your best bet to not only save heat but protect your original windows from the elements. Protecting your window with a storm window also defers window maintenance. The secret to energy savings is to have storm windows with Low E glass. This is something that the older storm windows do not have. The secret to a …
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