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Welcome to our September 2018 newsletter!

This month we would like to make you aware of the need for new storm windows. The new ones have low-e glass which provides the most insulation you can get. Interior storm windows are another option and allow your historic windows to be seen.

Remember you can help save the character of other old homes by referring our website to friends, neighbors and your local historical society. Education is the best way to save history and to keep your neighborhood looking good! Follow us and do it right!

Hope you enjoy our stuff!
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Exterior Storm Windows

WWII propaganda save energy
Winter will be here soon. Consider new storm windows with low-e glass for the best insulation in a color that matches your main window sash. An energy star tax rebate is definitely coming soon. Read on.

Interior Storm Windows

Let your original window shine and get interior storm windows. An energy star tax rebate is definitely coming soon. Read on.

Abatron Wood Filler

Wood and concrete repair products.

I have personally used the Abatron
wood filler many times.

No other product compares to them.

Read more.

Storybook Home House Plans

We have all admired Story Book homes but now you can actually build one. Check out this website.

Before & After Renderings

Barbershop Apr 2018
Loup City Hanshew Barbershop New Look May 2018
At one time this building in Nebraska was a barber shop. Now it is the headquarters for the Sherman County Historical Society. This is an actual photo - not my rendering.

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historic neighborhood
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Walkway Lighting vs. Landscape Lighting

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