The Shocking Truth About Windows

Let the buyer beware! Learn how to be smart in a world of dumb builders and sharp salespeople. This is your Ultimate Guide to old windows. Read and learn.

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Painting Windows – Color Placement Mistakes

Painting windows sounds easy and no one thinks about color placement mistakes. But I have seen color placement mistakes on old wood windows and also on new historic replacement windows. To understand color placement when painting windows you need to understand window design. This may seem pretty basic at first but it becomes more involved [...]

Wood Window Repair & Restoration Contractors

We have a  listing of Contractors for Wood Window Repair, Restoration, and Fabrication. Did you ever have your old Original Wood Windows repaired or restored or re-made? Are you in the window restoration business? I am compiling a listing of businesses that perform the above since people doing this type of work are hard to find. […]


Old House Renovation with YOUR Input

An Old House Renovation gives this Ugly Duckling House a 2nd Chance. Most old house makeovers are done badly and actually make the house worse giving it bad curb appeal as you can see. This house is a victim of Bad Home Improvements and in desperate need of help. Let’s rehabilitate this house together! This [...]
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Contemporary Victorian Design

Can We Really Trust Builders and Architects? This contemporary Victorian design looks good to the untrained eye but . . . A contemporary Victorian design with numerous design errors. A Victorian Revival in need of help. Contemporary Victorian design is quite popular today and admired by the untrained eye.  But to the trained eye, as I [...]